Pengunner Major Update Video

Pengunner Major Update Video

We've hit 1,000 yes votes!

Here's a huge update video to celebrate. It goes over the current state of Pengunner, aswell as shows a good amount of what was added recently!

2 New Items
Revamped Endless Mode with a Wave System
Hundreds of Possible Waves
More Character Animations
Polishing the New UI
Tougher and More in-Depth Enemies
Moving Backgrounds
Free Graceful Movement
New Item Sprites
New Item Pickup Animations
New Item Flavor Text (Descriptions)
Organized Achievements
A lot more WIP Stuff like the Achievements and Story Mode Balancing

Thanks everyone again for 1,000 upvotes and I'm gonna continue to update the game as we approach closer to getting on Steam.

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