JAPANESE NAIL ART HAUL | Gel Polish Brushes & More

JAPANESE NAIL ART HAUL | Gel Polish Brushes & More
Ive been sketching tons of nail designs for the Mixology series + more and noticed i needed gels ....and the fact that these were on sale didn't hurt either! 

I got most of these items on Rakuten.com, and pretty much all of the sellers didn't ship to the US so links will be limited. Subscribe for more!


[ LOAVE NAIL ] → http://bit.ly/1uqVQOg
L95 Neon Purple
L92 Neon Orange
L38 Yellow
L35 Green
L91 Neon Pink
L1 White
Flat Gel Brush 
Oval Gel Brush

[ ネイル工房 Shiropake ] → http://bit.ly/13c1Rbh
Magelic Green
Party Pink
Azaela Clear Color Gel
Green Clear Color Gel
Purple Clear Color Gel
Peach Clear Color Gel
Clear Blue *Mini
Neon Red *Mini
Gel Brush Long #6
Gel Brush French #5
Gel Brush Liner 10mm
Gel Nail Brush Pointed 'Purple'
Gel Nail Brush Oval 'Green'
Gel Nial Pigment 'MilkyPink'
Pink Floral Water Decal 035
Blue Floral Water Decal 040

[ Micheal's Art Supply Store ]
Glitter Containers
Neon Glitter Packs → http://bit.ly/1olvnhc
Dauber Set → http://bit.ly/XMrdK3 

5 PC Brush Holder Stand → http://bit.ly/1tBO05W


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