Delcy Rodriguez: No humanitarian crisis in Venezuela - Talk to Al Jazeera

Delcy Rodriguez: No humanitarian crisis in Venezuela - Talk to Al Jazeera
In April,  opponents of Venezuela's Socialist  President Nicolas Maduro took to the streets demanding immediate elections, blaming him for  acute shortages  and the world's highest inflation.

Maduro's response was to create  a legislative superpower to re-write the constitution; a move many believe will turn Venezuela into a one party state, like Cuba.

More than 120 people died and thousands arrested during months of  protests... to no avail. 

The Assembly has taken over, amid fierce international criticism. Washington has imposed financial sanctions and despite the threat of more, the body is forging ahead, led by this woman, the revolutionary former Foreign Minister.

As president of the new Constituent Assembly, Delcy Rodriguez is arguably the most powerful person in Venezuela today. The Assembly has the power to override and even replace the president. 

At what could be Venezuela's most critical hour, she talks to Al Jazeera's Lucia Newman. 

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