How do I buy japanese items in Rakuten ??

How do I buy japanese items in Rakuten ??
How do I buy japanese items in Rakuten→

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Follow me as I order from Global. In this video, I placed an order with NAILTOWN. Please note that your checkout experience can differ, as this site is a platform for multiple sellers.

Rakuten Shopping Demo

This short Video is a "Screen Record" of the process of purchasing Cushion Correct from the Rakuten Global Market. For obvious security reasons, I stop short of entering Credit Card information. If

how to use amazon in japan

here's my short video on how to order in sorry for the background music.. this is the only length that fit for the vid. hope this vid could somehow help. :)

What is Rakuten?

We headed to the MOBO's and Leicester Square to ask these guys what they think Rakuten is. From an African instrument, a groovy dance to a type of seaweed we had lot's of fun hearing these celeb's