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  • MiddleForkedRoad

    The only way Trump would receive a warm welcome in California was if he was an illegal alien.
    Think about that for a minute.

  • komendidbad

    America is a
    sovereign nation, that has the right to protect itself from unlawful entry...

    So stop with
    the fake tears and jeers, crying about ‘building bridges’ and other idiotic

    You morons
    are children in need of Dr. Seuss rhymes…

    How many of
    you leave your house doors unlocked? Car doors unlocked? Save your lies.. None of you do…

    You want to ‘build
    bridges’, then go and fix up a neighborhood house that a military vet can use…
    go refurbish homes for battered woman and their kids…

    In other
    words, fix those broken in your own neighborhoods now, instead of whining about
    letting more freeloaders in…

    Yes, the
    majority of those crossing are freeloaders, otherwise they’d come through
    legally… so, shut up….