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  • StillThatSameGuy

    Did they take aware the four square courts too?

  • Aimee

    They should've put a cardboard cut out of Putin with his tongue sticking out where the parking spot was instead. Pretty much the equivalent of this immature move.

  • Weather3014

    We need to answer back with an executive order to stop serving Russian dressing on all US bases and government commissaries. That will show them that we mean business.

  • snake

    Car pooling is coming to our embassy.

  • John Thomas

    The US chose to elect a Chief Diplomat with zero diplomacy skills, so maybe the time for diplomacy has passed. Who needs it anyway.

  • CantStoptheSignalMal

    Each country might as well just recall all diplomats and be done with it...

  • retired too

    diplomatic tensions are at their lowest level since the cold war? shall we assume the writer meant the highest level?

  • Benedict Donald

    Oh no, what's next a borscht embargo?

  • fifolo

    We will have to throttle their video playback bandwidth

  • Boxingwithangels

    Oooh, that'll show us!! Ouchy, that hurts!! ( No, not really)

  • Ric M

    Trump to Putin: "Taking away our parking?? We will repaint the sidewalks around your embassies and consulates with a color the likes of which you've never seen!" *sigh*

  • Stupa2

    US just needs to buy compact cars for the embassy crew

  • Betty Bloop

    i guess they understand the american psyche well ☺

  • BurmeseDude

    Russia will pay. We need to water-down their vodkas.

  • John Barron

    This should be considered an Act of War. :)

  • Prophet With Honor

    ... and we will ... ?

  • Don'tBotherMe

    I guess that's the Russian "neener-neener".

  • Th3OnlyOn3

    You will pay for this Putin!!

  • Kobrakai7272

    Oh, the humanity! Next up: Lower quality toilet paper!!

  • Redd Menace

    That's actually pretty funny.

  • My Name Is Nobody

    Petty gamesmanship.

  • grace

    Come on folks! Can't we all just get along? Jeeze

  • John Thomas

    Taking away some parking spaces? Pretty soon they'll be reduced to farting in our general direction.