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  • rightened

    Every high school should start working with students in 10th grade to prepare them for college. At the very least, there should be a formal class teaching the SAT/ACT test categories, right from the study books; that way, the students know what's at stake when they take the SAT and/or ACT, and how good test results can get them financial aid (I got a small state scholarship because of my scores).

    Another thing: schools should present a special assembly on college tuition, for parents and students, to help them understand how to get grants, scholarships, financial aid... and what student debt looks like.

  • snake

    Student loan forgiveness is not a priority for the Trump Administration. Tax forgiveness to billionaires and corporations is far more important.

  • Habilus

    "And it's yet another example of the administration hiring officials to oversee the industries where they had worked previously."

    Shouldn't we hire people from an industry to oversee that industry?

  • KPE

    "She said students with claims pending are not required to make payments on their loans.

    But Dieffenbacher says the delay is costing her family dearly."

    How is it costing this lady if she is not required to make any payments?

  • SGNH

    Trump looks out for the little guy. Sure he does.

  • Bertd

    I don't see why anyone should be responsible for this ladies choice of school or the loans she chose to take out to go there, except herself.
    Loan forgiveness is bs. You borrowed the money, you owe the money. Choose your school and your career field carefully. And make sure that 4 yr degree is not only what you want, but also what you need. And if you make bad choices, don't expect others should be paying to bail you out.

  • TB

    Reason #723402349274304 as to why Dump & his Administration needs to be kicked out in 2020 or sooner.